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Undergraduate research is possible through several programs. All students are eligible for CHEM 396 projects which are short, 1-semester projects designed to give students a taste for research in the lab. Honours Chemistry students may enrol in CHEM 470 for research during the term or summer months.  Students doing summer CHEM 470 projects may also receive a stipend for a portion of their summer research.  Finally summer research projects are often available.  Canadian students and those with landed immigrant status are encouraged to apply for NSERC USRA fellowships. 

To apply, contact Prof. Gleason directly by email or in person.

Graduate Studies.

Graduate positions are usually available every September and January.  For information on specific openings and available projects, contact Prof. Gleason by email or in person.

Graduate applications should be sent through McGill’s central application website.  For information about the application process, contact our Graduate Studies Administrator, Chantal Marotte, at graduate.chemistry@mcgill.ca

Postdoctoral Positions.

There are currently no postdoctoral positions open. 

Postdoctoral fellows with their own funding are encouraged to apply.  Contact Prof. Gleason directly via email.  Due to the high volume of postdoctoral applications, Prof. Gleason may not reply to all inquiries.

Contact Information.

Prof. James Gleason
Department of Chemistry
McGill University
Otto Maas Chemistry Building, Office 309A
801 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC
H3A 0B8
email: jim.gleason@mcgill.ca
Phone: 514-398-5596
Fax: 514-398-3797